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Available 2D Ultrasound Packages:

2D Heart Beat (10 Weeks) - $40.00

  • 10 Minute 2D Scan
  • Listen to your Baby's Heartbeat
  • 1 Heart Beat Animal with Recording of your Baby's Heartbeat
  • B&W Printed Images

Gender Reveal - $35.00

  • Gender Determination (Starting at 15 Weeks)
  • B&W Printed Image of Gender

2D Baby Peek - $50.00

  • Starting at 15 Weeks
  • 10-15 Minute 2D Scan
  • Gender Determination
    -- (starting at 15 weeks)
  • Listen to Baby's Heartbeat
  • CD of Images

(You can receive this Ultrasound any time after 16 weeks as long as you are under the care of a medical provider.

Recommended time in pregnancy: 16-20 weeks.

ALL 2D Ultrasounds: Evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. Feel free to bring family, friends and siblings to share the joy!

Add-Ons are Available for All Ultrasound Packages.